Roundup – International Sake Day 2016

On Saturday we celebrated International Sake Day.

This day, Nihonshu no hi in Japanese, marks the traditional first day of the sake making season where sake from the old year is consumed.

Team London rung in the new year with a dizzying array of Sake events.  From sake barrel breaking at Sake no Hana, to a tasting of over 30 sakes at Hedonism, and back to Sake no Hana for a second barrel breaking…here are some of the highlights of the day!

Kagami Biraki – sake barrel breaking – at Sake no Hana:

kagami biraki

Akashi-Tai sake: sparkling and yuzushu:

akashi tai


sake at hedonism

A selection of cheese to pair with sake from La Fromagerie:

la fromagerie

Sake masu cups:

sake masu

The shopfront at Hedonism:


Sake training at the Arts Club:


Our revelation of the day?

Blue cheese and sparkling sake. Just try it.