LET ME TELL YOU about fine Asian Alcohol.

Baijiu, Sake, Shochu, Soju, Whisky...Asian liquors make up a good proportion of the alcohol consumed around the world. They boast long pedigrees and are delicious. And yet, both domestically and overseas, they remain under-appreciated and obscure.

Each Sip Sweet  is an attempt to redress this. In Asian culture as much as any culture, romances have been kindled, alliances forged and wars fought to the clinking of liquor glasses. There are plenty of experts out there who are better qualified to explain the science and the alchemy, but I hope bring alive the traditions and cultures that are rooted in the heritage of Asian alcohols. I hope to make this as much a celebration of Asian Culture, as a drinks 101. Let Asian alcohol be the Trojan Horse.

This sometimes manifests in the form of parties. Curious readers, please click.

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